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Our Partners enable us to do the work we do

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Our Donors 


Synergy Consulting Inc. has consistently provided invaluable funding and support to The Typecraft Initiative since 2019. These funds have been used in projects such as Soof, Rabari, Mithila Devanagari, Baiga Tattoo and Bandhani. 

Synergy is committed to women's empowerment via The Typecraft Initiative. Their grant to our initiatives allows us to not only provide a livelihood to craftswomen but also enables us to impart skill development to these women through our design methodology workshops that emphasise independent thinking and self-expression as well as the promotion of literacy through the letters the women create.

Thus far, Synergy has supported projects in Kutch such as — the Rabari Latin script typeface with Dhebaria Rabari craftswomen, Soof embroidered Latin script typeface with Meghwad Maaru craftswomen and Mithila Devanagari typeface with artists from the Madhubani district of Bihar.

Our Project Partners 

Type Araby

We recently collaborated with TypeAraby on Bandhani Arabi, a typeface made in the Arabic script from tie-dye craft (bandhani) in Bhuj, Kutch, India, where a week-long workshop was conducted. The project funds were secured via TypeAraby and supplementary funds via Synergy Consulting Inc.

TypeAraby is an experimental platform dedicated to the creation, preservation, and evolution of Arabic typography and type design. It was initiated by the Graphic Design Department at VCUarts Qatar as a laboratory space for cultivating a contemporary vision for Arabic type while maintaining and promoting its traditional calligraphic roots as an important mechanism for language sustainability. The platform is a springboard for events, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, and publications that engage local, regional and international creative communities.


Rangsutra is an artisan owned company with over two thousand co-owners. The artisan shareholders come from villages and small towns across the country — from Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Kashmir and Manipur.

Like The Typecraft Initiative, Rangasutra supports the empowerment of craftswomen. The organization works as a bridge between rural artisans and global consumers in order to develop sustainable livelihoods and revive India’s rich craft heritage. 

The Typecraft Initiative project in Barmer with patchwork (Barmer Katab) and applique (Phool-Patti) was supported by Rangasutra.

Mon Ami
Synergy Consulting
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