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The Phool-Patti Typeface is a beautiful lush Latin script font, designed to emulate the lush flower and leaf designs of a textile applique craft ironically based in the barren deserts of Western India and Eastern Pakistan. This traditional craft was used by nomadic communities of Rajasthan and Gujarat in India and Sindh, Pakistan to decorate the interiors of tents. The font can be used to give a luxurious and exotic feel to any design. With its intricate details, Phool-Patti Typeface will bring a touch of local culture and vibrancy to any project.


An .OTF and a web font .WOFF / .WOFF2


The ancient art of appliqué & patchwork has been at one time or another practiced in most parts of the world. The rich vibrancy of this craft, that belies the barren deserts of Barmer. Old folk songs of the silk route that still can be faintly heard are a reminder of the once important caravanserai this town was to tired travelers from Europe of the Middle-East making their way to China.


The typeface captures the vivacity, boldness and domestic handmade quality of the original cloth designs. 


The actual artwork was made during a workshop in February 2020 in Gogaji ki Khejadi, Barmer, Rajasthan, India. The Team:

Craftspersons -  Chunni devi, Shanti devi, Tibu, Pawani, Paami devi, Bhaami, Mangi, Khetu, Anita, Nirmala, Shanti devi, Jasoda, Chandi and Kastura Ram

Designer and Craft Co-ordinator - Ishan Khosla, Andreu Balius
Type Development - Ishan Khosla, Andreu Balius 

Project Supported by - Rangsutra and Exim Bank

Local NGO - Roshni

Phool-Patti Typeface (Latin Script Font)

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