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Volunteer your time for an enriching and meaningful experience

Volunteering on craft projects can be an enriching experience
Volunteering on craft projects can be an enriching experience

We receive volunteers from across the globe who contribute to The Typecraft Initiative in various ways — either in person at our craft workshops, by assisting in scanning and vectorization work of the letters made by the craftspeople, assistance in font design and development or in promoting the font on social media through the creation of kick-ass graphics that also add to their portfolios.

Even in the kind of times we live in today, a lot can be done remotely — where you, our team and the craftspeople that we work with — can have a meaningful exchange and dialogue through video conferencing platforms. Work can be critiqued through emails, whatsapp messages and anotations etc. So don't let this situation dampen your interest in working on craft and design projects in India! To apply, complete the Application form below.

Volunteer your time and skills to Typecraft

We seek volunteers to help us to work with craftspeople in workshops (even virtually), to ideate on the design of the font, to work on the digital illustration (scanning, tracing, vectorizing) of the hand made letters; to create photo and video documentation, to work on font development; to write essays and articles as well as social media posts once the font is released.

Typecraft runs on the minimal funding that we receive from our partners and through the sales of fonts and other merchandise. Projects run on tight budgets and our aim is to fund crafts communities and to cover our costs — leaving little monetary resources but a sense of fulfilment, pride and joy as well as the excitement of a new Typecrafted typeface at the end of it all.


By volunteering your time and skills, you will enable us to do more projects that will benefit crafts communities we work with. To volunteer, send us your name, CV, and highlight similar previous experiences as well as the duration and type of volunteering you can provide (craft co-ordination, scanning, tracing/vectorization, font design, font development etc.) via the contact form at the bottom of this page or by sending us an email with the aforementioned information.

All our volunteers are given high esteem and are credited in the Volunteer page as well as through mentions on social media posts, exhibitions and shows, where all contributors are acknowledged. You will have the right to display the project as part of your CV, portfolio and will also receive a copy of the typeface free of cost once released.


We accept applications for design volunteers on an a rolling basis, throughout the year.

To apply, complete the Application form below.

Please mention the start/end dates you can volunteer, the number of hours per week and what kind of work you can assist with

Project Stages

Our projects are funding or commission dependent — the date and location of the project are determined by when the funding comes in, by when the funder would like to see the project completed, when craftspeople are available for a workshop and where/which group the funder would like us to work.

Projects can take 12-18 months to complete from start to finish. If you have an idea of how much time you can give to Typecraft and when you'd like to do that, we can let you know what stages of the project could be available for us to involve you in.


Each Typecraft project happens at a different geographic location within India depending on the location of the crafts cluster we work with. The duration of the project is dependent on the script of the typeface and complexity of the letterforms as well as the materiality of the crafts we work with.

For instance, a painted craft is rendered faster than an embroidered one, which in turn has a quicker turnaround than a woven or casted craft.

Project Stages:

1. Research

2. Pre-Workshop

3. Workshop

4. Post-Workshop

5. Scanning & Vectorization 

6. Tweaking and Cleaning of letterforms

7. Font Development

8. Testing and Release

9. Promotion (photo, video, articles and essays)

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