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  • Will these fonts work on all computers, Mac and Windows?"
    Yes. Our fonts are provided in OpenType format as OTF which are compatable for both mac and windows computers.
  • What will I receive when I purchase a license?
    Upon a successful payment, you will get an immediate download with the required font files in a .zip folder. You will also access to your invoice that will grant the license and an End User License Agreement (EULA) document. Please, keep your invoice and EULA document for future requirements and font upgrades.
  • How many people can use a typeface, and on how many computers?"
    Desktop licenses are based on a number of computers where you will install your fonts. As a single user you are allowed to install our fonts in two computers (a workstation and a laptop, for instance). If you are a company, you will need a multiple user license, so you can install the fonts in different computers with different users.How many people can use a typeface, and on how many computers?
  • Who should license the fonts, the designer or the client?"
    Fonts are software, therefore anyone who uses them needs to own a license. If the designer is making a design work for a client, it is the designer (as the end-user) who should purchase a font license. In case the client wishes to use the font, then the client needs to purchase his own license. In brief, whoever installs the font should have a license.
  • I am designing a book, could I send a copy of the fonts to my printer?"
    Sure. Our Desktop license allows you to send a copy of the fonts to your printer (or any service bureau) to be used in the production of your designed documents. Nevertheless you are responsible for ensuring the printer does not keep the fonts once the project is completed or uses the fonts illegally for other purposes.
  • I am working as a freelance for an agency, could I send a copy of the fonts to them?"
    No. Even though you may be working on the same project, you will need more than a single license. You'd better send vectored images and text to them, instead.
  • Can I modify a font for a private purpose?
    Yes, you can modify characters for your commercial work, converting to outlines and reshaping them (when designing a logo, for instance), but you cannot modify font file metadata or convert the font format.
  • Should I buy a font on behalf of my client?
    Fonts that are purchased through our website are licensed to the buyer, who is supposed to be the end user. It is better if the end user (your client) buys it directly. But, if you purchase the license, take into account that the name of the licensor should be the real user of the font
  • Can I share the font with my client?
    No, you are not allowed to pass on the font files to any third party, including clients. If your client wishes to use the font, they should purchase their own license.
  • How can I volunteer my time to The Typecraft Initiative?
    Thank you for your consideration and interest. Typecraft runs on the minimal funding we receive from our partners and through the sales of fonts and other merchandise. By volunteering your time and skills, you will enable us to do more projects that will benefit crafts communities we work with. To volunteer, send us your name, CV, and highlight similar previous experiences as well as the duration and type of volunteering you can provide (craft co-ordination, design, font production etc.) via the contact form on our website.
  • Will you share work done by me using Typecraft fonts?
    Sure! We'd love to take a look! Send samples via our contact form We’re constantly updating our ‘Fonts in use’ gallery and welcome submissions from designers who use our fonts. We shall credit you and provide a back link to your website or appropriate URL of the project (so do mention that in your submission). It doesn’t matter if you send photos or link to a website or ship a product for us to take the pictures. We’ll be happy either way. If you are unsure whether we’ll like it, drop us a line.
  • How can I collaborate on an entire Typecraft project from start to finish?
    Our projects are funding dependent — the date and location of the project are determined by when the funding comes in, by when the funder would like to see the project completed, when craftspeople are available for a workshop and where/which group the funder would like us to work. Typically our projects can take 12-18 months to complete from start to finish. If you would have that much time and would like to work on a complete project, submit your CV, bio, and expected fee* via email or via our contact form, with the subject "Typecraft Collaborator". *our projects run on tight budgets and our aim is to fund crafts communities leaving little monetary resources but a lot of joy, pride and memories to cherish for the designer/collaborator. Thanks for your interest.
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    Right now we accept PayPal payments or direct bank transfers. We are working to allow for credit card payments soon. PayPal doesn't seem to be working for Indian customers, who can pay via a bank transfer to: Account Name: Ishan Khosla Design LLP Account Number: 502-0000-834-3063 Type: Current Bank: HDFC Address: 4686-92, 21-A, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi 110002, Delhi MICR Code: 110240043 IFSC: HDFC0000314 SWIFT CODE: HDFCINBBDEL If sending from outside India, include "transfer code P1007" in your payment instructions.
  • How can my company or organization fund a Typecraft project?
    Thank you for your interest. We accept CSR and non-CSR funds from Indian and international companies, foundations and organizations. In the past, we have had various models of funding. 1. Funding of Typecraft Fonts In this model, organizations cover all the fees mentioned in 2 and 3 below as well as fees to some sustain the initiative, in exchange to the rights and ownership of the typeface or font being made. 2. Funding of all Costs some organizations cover all the cost of making (the artisan fees and expenses; the designer fees); travel fees for workshop and font design and development fees. 3. Funding of Craftspeople Other organizations just cover the fees for craftspeople and any out of pocket expenses. To find out more, do drop us an email.
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