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Contact us if you're interested in engaging with craftspeople, to make something of cultural value — a font, a brand, an app...


Thank you visiting The Typecraft Initiative. 

While we seek grants and donations for our on-going Typecraft projects with craftspeople across India, we are also available for other types of projects.


Please do get in touch if you would like to work with us on:

  • STRATEGY: Work on culturally sensitive, localized crafts to engender positive change in the crafts sector

  • DESIGN: create custom display fonts based on local contexts for all sorts of applications — branding based on a culture, community and/or geographical location

  • HEALING: using crafts as a starting point for tactile healing

  • ACADEMIA: Using the knowledge of crafts, craft processes, narratives and material understanding in an academic setting. We have taught classes on exploring form through type design and craft at various institutions and universities around the world.

  • PRIMARY EDUCATION: using craft based typography for gamification and creating interest in students through storytelling

  • ADULT LITERACY: words and images are connected to each other. Working with the rich visual symbolism of Indian crafts to teach sound, speech and eventually text based learning.

  • AI: computer and data scientists working in AI come to us to understand how to crack the achillies heal in AI — creativity. 

We conduct design workshops in craft clusters, design institutions, corporations and universities around the world. These can be done in person of via video conference. 


We accept CSR grants and funds (actual or in kind — to cover all our costs) from corporations, foundations and NGOs from India and abroad, to create a positive and long-term impact (women's empowerment, skill upgradation, education and livelihood) in craft communities via the creation of Typecraft fonts through our Design Methodology Workshops


Typecraft is actively seeking volunteers (and occasionally freelancers) — material engineers, bio-technologists, designers, craft co-ordinators and documentarians to work on our existing projects.

New Delhi - Barcelona - Berlin

Get involved. Collaborate. Support. Drop us a line.​
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