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A web font and OTF font file.


An oasis in the desert in the form of the foliage rich patchwork based font

Region: Gogaji ki Khejadi, Barmer, Rajasthan, India


The ancient art of appliqué & patchwork has been at one time or another practiced in all parts of the world. The rich vibrancy of this craft. particularly in Barmer belies the barren desert sands that the region is situated on. Old folk songs of the silk route that still can be faintly heard are a reminder of the once important caravan-sarai this town was to tired travelers on the way to or from China.


The typeface captures the vivacity, boldness and handmade quality of the original cloth designs. There are alternates provided to some of the glyphs with counters such as A, B, O, P, Q and R.


Craftspersons -  Chunni, Shanti, Tibu, Pawani, Paami, Bhaami, Mangi, Khetu, Anita, Nirmala, Shanti. Jasoda, Chandi and Kastura Ram

Designer and Craft Co-ordinator - Andreu Balius, Ishan Khosla
Type Development - Andreu Balius 

Project Supported by - Rangsutra and Exim Bank

Local NGO - Roshni

Barmer Katab Typeface (Latin script font)

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