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Godna Tribal Tattoo Latin Typeface

Region: Surguja district, Chattisgarh


This typeface has 3 styles —Ram Kei Pavle, Sunita Pavle and Sumitra Pavle—named after the three Godharin women (tattoo artists) who we collaborated with for the design of the letterforms


Godna means tattoo. The artform of applying tattoos is ancient. It is practiced by women, called Godharin (those who apply tattoos) who belong to the Gond tribe of Chattisgarh in Central India. Godna has many motifs, each having a specific significance — some are curative in nature, while others are applied according to rites of passage in a woman's life — such as puberty, marriage and childbirth. The tattoos are highly valued for their powers of healing and their ritualistic significance.


In modern times, however, fewer people are getting tattoos done, as they migrate to cities for jobs where tattoos are frowned upon. Tattoo artists are struggling to survive in this fast-changing world. This project is then meant as a way for craftspeople and tribal artists to think in new ways — in a world where they are no longer able to sustain themselves solely through traditional networks and systems. We engaged with three tribal women artists, Ram Keli, Sumitra and Sunita to help make the typeface. Funds from the sale of the typeface will go back  to help these and other craft and tribal communities. 



Craftspersons/Artists: Ram Keli Pavle, Sunita Pavle, Sumitra Pavle

Type Developer: Andreu Balius

Designers: Andreu Balius, Ishan Khosla, Karan Vohra

Craft-cordinator: Karan Vohra, Ishan Khosla

Godna Typeface (Latin script font)

SKU: 002
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